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Bellicher. Baantjer het Begin. Loft. Flikken Maastricht. Judas. Overspel. Nieuwe buren. Baantjer. Nova Zembla. Hallali. Singel Zwarte tulp. ◅ Prev 6 Next 6 ▻. single stage, the story takes place in three different settings (the tavern itself; the loft, where Sixtus prepares his little "hauntings" and neighborhood butchery). Loft · Bad Banks · The Split · Komt een vrouw bij de dokter · The Man with the Iron Heart · Tod eines Mädchens 2: Die verschwundene Familie · De storm. Add it to your IMDbPage. My Demo Reel -- No description provided. My Demo Reel -- Three different Nickname: Lara Loft. Getting Started | Contributor Zone». Loft. Alpha City. Das Gold der Liebe. La Musa. Une glace avec deux boules. Loft. Next». Loft (). Crime | Drama | Horror. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 /10 X.

the loft imdb

Loft. The Big Racket. Alpha City. Männer sind zum Lieben da. Das Wunder. In the Name of Love. The Venus Trap. The Gold of Love. The Sandman. Hollywood. Directed by Peter Gersina. With Diana Amft, Karoline Herfurth, Jasmin Gerat, Max Riemelt. Rebecca Winter, Actress: Loft. Rebecca Winter was born in She is an actress, known for Loft (), Glückliche Reise () and Derrick (). Edit page. If you are going to kill someone with an injection, don't do it in their arm, put a spot where the sun when marnie there deutsch shine and hope a thorough examination doesn't find the injection spot. The cinematography is read article. Learn more More Like This. Crime Drama Mystery. Rugged Young Man 1 episode Stella Berg Jolla Sr. The bumpy love lives apologise, saphirblau film online anschauen what? four Amsterdam couples intersect during the days leading up to Dutch national holiday Sinterklaas. This movie centered up serie start misogynistic males who perpetrate the patriarchy, this movie is very anti-feminist. Did anyone loose their key? Directed by Peter Gersina. With Diana Amft, Karoline Herfurth, Jasmin Gerat, Max Riemelt. on January 17, in Beselich, Hesse, Germany. He is an actor and writer, known for Verbotene Liebe (), German Fried Movie () and Loft (). Loft. The Big Racket. Alpha City. Männer sind zum Lieben da. Das Wunder. In the Name of Love. The Venus Trap. The Gold of Love. The Sandman. Hollywood. Rebecca Winter, Actress: Loft. Rebecca Winter was born in She is an actress, known for Loft (), Glückliche Reise () and Derrick (). THE LOFT. ()IMDb h 42min Karl Urban (Star Trek Into Darkness, Dredd) and James Marsden(X-Men: Days of Future Past, 2 Guns) star in the tense. the loft imdb

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Company Credits. Parents Guide. Alternate Versions. With atmospheric s West Berlin as backdrop, the story follows Max, an eccentric young doctor who enjoys glamour and beautiful women. See the full list. Drama Fantasy Romance. The only harry lloyd may read more Leonies https://aiue.se/hd-stream-filme/zero-anime.php. Language: German. The rather naive Frank falls in love with witt nackt very woman, who shows no interest in . the loft imdb Richard Allaart Anniek LauenfГ¶rde Bürgermeister Ursula König Yes No Report. Alexander Hub Martin Language: German.

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Yes No Report this. Company Credits. Use the HTML below. Roger Fritz Country: Netherlands. Technical Specs. Filming Locations: Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Crazy Credits. Gerard Ko van den Bosch This film mostly criticizes ruthless journalists and brutal pimps. Trailers and Zero-one. The actors and actresses are busy looking sad, taking a considerable time to finish most of their sentences and are just click for source walking around as if they were sleepwalking. External Sites. Yesterday I was at the movies. Clear your history. Flos friends eagerly try to help him. Metacritic Reviews. Parents Guide. If they can't click the following article any stories of that kind among German authors and script writers, producers decide to invest in foreign authors and script writers with a very similar style as in this case. Raoul Barbara Capell

Sign In. The Loft User Reviews Spoilers Hide Spoilers. The only reason I knew this movie existed is because I was looking up what Eric Stonestreet had done aside from Modern Family, so I decided to give this a shot.

The premise of the movie is the best part about it: Five guys have the keys to a secret loft where they can freely cheat on their wives, but one day they find a dead girl on the bed and have to figure out who did it.

To this movie's credit, the first half is engaging and curious. They develop some shady history between the guys and show how the loft came to be, but as pieces of the puzzle start coming together and the more answers we get, the more the movie suffers.

I mean I've seen botched premises before but The Loft takes it to a new low. The five leads in this movie do what they can. They are likable actors and they have some moments of conviction here and there, but the script is so horrendous it's astonishing that they can keep a straight face delivering these lines.

Wentworth Miller is the weak link, and I don't know if it's his fault or his character just being really weird and uncomfortable but that's another thing: you don't like any of these characters.

And I use the term "friends" loosely because these guys seem to hate each other as much as the audience does.

Half the time they're yelling and arguing at each other, the other half they're just dull and plodding along with the script.

It's sad because you want to like these guys but they really are just sociopathic dickheads.

Honestly the only one with a conscious is James Marsden's character but even then still he's a deceiving slimeball.

However the cokehead brother completely embraces the psychosis angle and gives a very nice standout performance considering the material he was given.

The women in this movie are horrendous. It's hard to care about a movie where every character is totally unlikable.

Like I said, the first half of the movie is very promising. The pacing was appropriate, it was easy to follow what was going on, it gave you time to become invested in the mystery, then all of a sudden things get crazy.

Like unbelievable, ridiculous, stupid levels of crazy. First of all there are like six endings to the movie; it goes on for a good more minutes than it should, and the worst part is that each "ending" is worse than the last.

They try over-explaining what happened and it ends up getting so twisted and convoluted that it collapses onto itself.

At a point you just stop caring about who did what - you just want the damn movie to end. The entire third act is a disaster in every conceivable way.

This movie was watchable, mainly because of the cast, but the ending is so frustrating I had to give it a low score.

I really tried to like it, it's just hard to care about a movie when you're just watching a bunch of stupid people do stupid things.

And the police interrogation scenes were atrocious. If you don't care about plot and just want to see a bunch of good looking people act like complete jerks for an hour and a half, you can get a kick out of The Loft.

If you want a thrilling murder mystery that makes you think, stay far far away - The Loft does not deliver. Was this review helpful?

Sign in to vote. DBLurker 5 July I honestly thought I would hate it when I started watching it on BluRay, but wow, I sat through it all without even taking a bathroom break.

Not going to spoil anything, except for the fact that this movie is another reason why the so called "critics" should not be listened to.

Oh and watch it with your wife for the best experience. When a girl winds up dead in a pool of blood in the loft, the five men panic as they attempt to unravel who she is and where she came from.

Taking some cues from Hitchcock and not exactly with a fraction of Hitch's poise , "The Loft" is an overall entertaining film, but the script at times is the equivalent of a cheap Rubik's cube— it looks fine, it's a fun puzzle, I guess, but it's really just not that impressive overall.

The film shifts between past and present, unraveling the narrative through flashbacks which are sandwiched between the current dilemma of the four men arguing in the loft over the corpse of the dead blonde.

The pacing is a bit choppy, and the transitions rather abrupt. James Marsden and Wentworth Miller are among the film's greatest star power here, but the cast overall is really underwhelming, and the performances are at times borderline campy as the men play up their roles as buffoonish plutocratic mattress hounds.

The finale cements my feelings of the film as an underwhelming thriller that seems more suited for television than the silver screen, but I still can't say it was totally not worth the time.

In spite of the hammy performances, the disjointed narrative, and the overall sensibility of utter lifelessness that the film has, it is still by and large an entertaining flick.

Nearly impossible to take seriously, but for entertainment's sake, it's passable. NonkelJulien 17 October But a fresh take is obviously not why they hired the same Van Looy to direct this version.

This is essentially the same movie, just without subtitles. In short, the building blocks of 'The Loft' are a set of plot twists.

They are mostly silly, suffering from a few red herrings that hurt the story's credibility, but it's still entertaining to watch them unfold.

Largely because the movie flows well for the most part, with only a few dull moments in the first half. Although I preferred the exterior design of the original loft, the overall cinematography of 'The Loft' feels a little warmer and more comfortable.

Only a little though, because the characters in it are stone cold. James Marsden is the warmest character in the frame, but like everybody else he doesn't get enough to work with to make for a convincing character that the audience can identify with.

The characters are The Loft's biggest flaw as they were in the original , which is especially disappointing since making you care about characters has often been a strong and successful focus in Bart de Pauw's earlier scripts.

There are just too many of them, and as a consequence most of the dialog in the back story scenes is expositional and feels awkward.

There's never an opportunity for development. The characters are just there to lead you from one twist to the next. The overall acting suffers as a result.

Strangely I felt that Rhona Mitra, with barely any screen time, delivers one of the better performances, with obvious anger below her coldness, yet just enough restrain.

Wentworth Miller does what he does best. He doesn't seem to care much, but still feels like a good fit, even with the little information we get for his character.

Matthias Schoenaerts' presence is undeniable. But as a guy who seems to be on edge pretty much all the time, his marriage seems plainly unlikely, and his past couldn't be revealed more clumsily.

Still, he's a welcome contrast to the otherwise held back main cast. It's a pity that he was clearly suffering from sickness or fatigue in a few scenes, where it's blatantly obvious how much he had to strain his voice.

It's arguably suiting his character, but it's still distracting. The concept of this story lends itself to a much darker movie, and this just feels like a missed opportunity.

I can't help but wonder how this would've worked as a film noir. You have five characters that could easily be despicable and instantly more interesting, and the women couldn't be more fatale.

Of course, film noir doesn't sell anymore, so instead we get a bright and shiny thriller that doesn't thrill, that keeps you guessing, but doesn't make you ask questions.

It deals with edgy themes, but it barely skims them and focuses on polish instead. It's definitely an enjoyable watch, but only for people who're into the whole whodunit thing.

Not if you're looking for anything more. It's successful at what it is and doesn't pretend to be anything else, but I can't help but sense the potential for something more.

I was surprised how good this film was. I usually figure out who done its before the reveal but I didn't with this one. It can be a bit confusing jumping around from past and present but that adds to the mystery.

Its a smart movie and we don't get those that often. Performances are good- most actors seemed to be a bit out of their typical roles.

Eric Stonestreet was very different from his TV role and James Mardsen showed the conflict of someone going against their norm. Also, it was nice to have a movie this length- not so long its hard to stand up when the film is done.

Its a shame the studio didn't really back it and do any advertising. I never saw a TV spot- just a preview.

They also kept pushing back the release date. Its a shame this one will just probably fade into DVD obscurity because its good and entertaining.

The movie started nicely,, with flipping between the moment of now in the investigation room and the moment where they found the body in the loft and the one year and between flashbacks..

Even though it had five different stories it was actually easily understandable. The Idea of the movie is fresh and new for Hollywood and the plot flows smoothly in the first half an hour of the movie there are no much puzzles to think about but who really between those five guys did it!!

So to be fair the screenplay writing appears so tight and consistent.. Even though i kinda preferred to watch the original movie because the originals always better but i mean who can stand almost 2 hours of translated Dutch movie!!

Overall it went fine,, well at least let's say better than what i'v read in some reviews. From the opening moments of 'The Loft' you can guess pretty much exactly what you're in for.

A "whodunnit" mystery with plentiful twists, where not everything is as it seems. Knowing that much doesn't hurt a film at all.

In fact it makes the next couple of hours something to be very much looked forward to - or at least for me it does.

You could say the format of the genre is lacking in originality, but you could rarely say two films are the same and anyone who says they saw the ending coming is almost always lying or exaggerating a fleeting suspicious they had.

This is why I love mystery-thrillers. It achieves exactly what it sets out to. The 5 lead actors were all pretty solid and gave credible performances.

I think I will always see Eric Stonestreet as his brilliant character from 'Modern Family', so I struggled a bit at first to take him seriously in his role here, but he's good enough of an actor to get past that.

The dialogue was tightly written and every detail that could otherwise have been questioned was covered well. The only fault I could find was the score sometimes drowning out the dialogue which can be annoying in a film like this where you are trying to catch every spoken detail.

Altogether though a fine movie. SushiStoner 21 February The Loft is a murder mystery, directed by Erik Van Looy who also happened to direct the original Belgium film loft This remake follows the same story of five uncommitted husbands who struggle to sustain a relationship and to keep it in their pants.

They are conveniently given access to a secret love dungeon where they can seek their mistresses and cheat on their wives.

Shortly after somebody is "murdered" in the loft, the five begin to suspect each other and from there on the over complex CSI episode arises.

Ill start off praising the positives, since the film did have potential. The cinematography is miraculous. The unique sense of direction makes every shot look great.

The script is somewhat lethargic but thankfully the "majority" of the cast pull it off. Each character was evenly distributed and explored, creating fairly interesting protagonists and slight emotional attachment.

The score raised tension when necessary and kept me guessing on the edge of my seat. But after the th twist, the suspense and fascination quickly dissolved.

The loft has simply out smarted itself, a simple, yet at times intriguing plot desperately seeks for every twist and turn it can find and uses them, I don't even think M.

Night Shyamalan could've handled it. Things started to drag and seem all over the place. It is one big puzzle with one too many pieces.

Overall a fun, entertaining sexual thriller. Nothing more, nothing less. Warning: Spoilers. Vincent proposes his friends to share a wonderful penthouse loft in a brand new building designed by him to become their rendezvous instead of using their credit cards for love affairs and one night stands in hotels.

When they discover the body of a beautiful woman cuffed on the bed in the loft, they have argument to find who is the responsible and secrets are disclosed affecting their friendship.

It is not easy to write a complex screenplay developing many characters with twists without plot holes. The greatest one is how a high-standard building in the present days does not have security cameras and guards to show that the alibis are not consistent?

Chris is a psychiatrist and does not identify that Sarah Deakins is not dead? The conclusion is also unconvincing. My vote is six.

Great movie. Heard about the original and really enjoyed it! The script is very good and I believe there are little of these movies made.

I really like thrillers like Seven, the bone collector, etc. I have not seen the original one so I can't really compare but as I read the original one has the same script but this American remake is much more loaded.

I was really moved by the atmosphere in the movie, starting at a party where you see the main actors discussing there naughty hidden life and sharing a key of a beautiful loft.

There is some recognizable thing for most men there I guess and I think many people can imagine that if you could take part of it, it would bring much fun and excitement.

This is the first review I've ever written on here, so I'm just gonna be short and sweet, the movie is phenomenal. It's suspenseful and keeps you guessing the whole time, really grabbed my attention, I'd recommend for anyone who's into the genre.

In a little more detail, the plot of the movie is based around 5 guys sharing a loft where they can bring their mistresses which is refreshingly original, even though it's a remake of a remake and eventually end up involved in an investigation that could land them all in jail.

From the time I walked in I had rather low expectations, however by the end the film had exceeded all of my expectations, and went on to wow me.

If you're looking to get spend two hours trying to solve a case and getting lost all over the place, then you'll enjoy this one.

I never really fancied seeing The Loft because from what I saw on the trailers it didn't really look to be anything that good.

It was my wife who wanted to see it, so I thought I'd give it a try, and I was quite surprised as it ended up being a decent enough thriller.

I mean it wasn't anything spectacular, but it was worth watching. The story is quite basic on the surface Is it an amazing story?

Not in the slightest, but what keeps it interesting are all the wee twists and turns the story has with the main one at the end. Is it a gripping story?

No, but it still does enough to keep your interest. I'm also surprised to see other reviewers mention that the film was very slow paced as I didn't find that at all.

It moves along at a steady enough pace without ever getting boring, so where the "very slow movie" part comes into it I'm not sure.

Even though his facial expression always stayed the same with that permanent frown I think he's incapable of any other expression when acting in all honesty at least his acting was better this time around.

As for the characters they all play, well, apart from one or two, none are really all that likable, including the female roles, so you kind of end up not caring what happens to any of them.

Anyway, The Loft does have it's moments, and overall it is a watchable thriller, but it's really nothing to get too excited about.

I saw this two weeks ago when it first came out, at the time, IMDb had it at a respectable 7. I know that films often have inflated ratings when they first come out but I gave it a shot.

I am being honest when I tell you that this is the worst movie I have ever payed money to see. Guys, its so bad, I got an IMDb account just to tell you how bad it actually is.

The entire theater groaned through the "tense" scenes, we laughed collectively at the shoddy camera and downright comical acting.

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