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Check out The Good Doctor pilot recap. From an emotional beginning, to a powerful message, The Good Doctor is a show worth the watch for this TV year! IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. A female doctor is abandoned at the altar resulting her in gaining a job at her Without Marc Meier/Florian David Fitz the Serie wouldn't be THAT good, but. The Good Doctor, ABC's medical drama, was renewed for a third season after continuing to bring in impressive ratings on the network. Here's everything you. Freddie Highmore Photos Photos - Actor Freddie Highmore visit’s 'The IMDb Show' on September 23, in Studio City, California. This episode of 'The.

the good doctor imdb

A young surgeon with Savant syndrome is recruited into the pediatric surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. The Good Doctor (TV Series –) - IMDb. The Good Doctor ist eine US-amerikanische Krankenhausserie über den jungen autistischen The Good Doctor in der Internet Movie Database (englisch)​Vorlage:IMDb/Wartung/„importiert aus“ fehlt · Offizielle Website von ABC (​englisch). IMDb, the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content.

Jared romantically pursues his burn-victim patient, Celez, after she completes her treatment; he is also offered a job in Denver.

Kenny takes advantage of Shaun. Shaun urges Glassman to date hospital barista Debbie; they hit it off over their interest in classic cars , but Glassman suddenly experiences aphasia at the end of their dinner date.

Glassman tells Shaun about his inoperable glioma and that he has eighteen months left to live. He accepts his death, but agrees to additional imaging for Shaun's sake; this yields a worse prognosis of four months to live.

Glassman takes Shaun to a park his late daughter loved so they can enjoy the time Glassman has left.

Shaun determines how a minimally invasive biopsy could be performed, which later proves that Glassman's cancer is operable and, though it'd be a long road to recovery, he'll most likely survive.

A patient, Caden, suffers complications after treatment for a fraternity hazing injury. Jared and Alex question Caden's friend, but Jared is put off by Alex's distrustful nature.

Shaun determines that he erred in clamping Caden's artery, offering to take full responsibility for it.

He proposes a risky procedure as a fix and Melendez decides they should perform it together. Caden survives and Melendez invites the team out for drinks, which Morgan finds perverse; Melendez hopes a doctor supports her when she inevitably kills a patient.

Shaun decides to admit his mistake to Andrews, though Glassman's position would be at stake; Glassman leaves the decision up to Shaun and accompanies him to meet with Andrews.

Freddie Highmore. In performance reviews, Andrews, now president of the hospital, tells Shaun to learn to communicate, Claire to be more assertive, and Morgan to improve her teamwork.

Jared, working his last day before moving to Denver, skips his. Jared and Shaun run a mobile clinic and meet Harry, a mentally unstable homeless man.

When Shaun takes Jared's advice to spend time with Glassman, who is beginning his cancer treatment with Dr.

Blaize his last hire before being replaced , it leads Shaun to diagnose Harry with a brain tumor. Shaun has a communication breakthrough in persuading Harry whose real name is Edward to receive treatment, which is successful and enables him to reunite with his family.

Shaun commits to standing by Glassman through his treatment. Andrews, following Allegra's advice that Glassman was manipulative, persuades Melendez to perform a risky heart surgery that could raise the hospital's public profile.

Claire resolves a complication, and Morgan encourages her to take credit. The procedure is a success, and Claire acknowledges her innovation.

Claire has a change of heart and asks Jared to stay, but he tells her they will both be happy apart before leaving for Denver.

Lea unexpectedly greets Shaun outside his apartment. Shaun and Claire assist Dr. Melendez in treating Paul, a hospital janitor Shaun has diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and one year to live.

Paul's wife and adult children encourage him to have risky surgery; Paul agrees, telling Shaun he wants to please his family, and advising Shaun to lie when the truth is unhelpful.

Paul dies from a complication and his family begins to squabble over having coerced Paul; Shaun lies, telling them that Paul wanted the surgery.

Lim treats Mara, a sixteen-year-old American girl with scarring from female genital mutilation , risking liability in willfully ignoring Mara's fake ID.

Mara experiences extreme pain, revealing live tissue; with her parents and Child Protective Services involved, Mara declines reconstruction in favor of clitoridectomy , but Lim performs the reconstruction without consent; Mara is apparently pleased with the result and Lim's discretion.

Glassman delays picking a neurosurgeon, fearing he could survive but suffer permanent disability; at Dr. Blaize's insistence, Glassman undergoes surgery.

Shaun avoids his houseguest Lea for days, telling Claire he doesn't understand his own feelings. He tells Lea she hurt him, and he wants her to leave before she hurts him again.

On hour shifts, Shaun and Morgan manage the emergency room in Dr. Lim's absence while Claire and Alex assist Dr. Melendez performs surgery to treat a woman's endometriosis and restore her fertility.

Her condition is more severe than realized, and the planned hourlong surgery stretches to over 22 hours; tensions rise among Melendez, Claire, and Nurse Flores.

When a risky procedure is the only way to avoid a hysterectomy , the patient's husband refuses to make a decision; he cedes the responsibility to Claire, who overrides Melendez's decision; they perform the hysterectomy.

Called before Dr. Andrews over their bickering, Melendez, Claire, and Flores have only praise for each other.

Shaun and Morgan safely extract a light bulb from a child's mouth and treat a young man whose priapism reveals an abscess. In traffic court , Lim fails to get a ticket dismissed and is jailed for contempt of court ; she is later called away to operate on the abscess, interrupting a tryst with the prosecutor.

Shaun apologizes to Lea; but she criticizes him for hurting her and failing to reciprocate her friendship. Glassman wakes from his successful surgery, and has a vision of his dead daughter, Maddie.

Mac, a boy with fragile X syndrome , injures himself and his mother, Nicole. Alex and Shaun believe Nicole should send Mac to a group home ; at Melendez's recommendation, Nicole agrees.

Shaun recalls living with a tough-loving foster mother who became terminally ill. Lim, Claire, and Morgan treat injured year-old female free solo climber Kitty; her parents, disapproving a risky surgery that could preserve Kitty's athleticism, obtain a declaration of medical incompetence and authorize a safer procedure that may leave her disabled.

Kitty disowns her parents; Claire tries to reconcile them, but nobody changes their decision. Claire and Melendez discuss how their baggage influences their advice.

Claire struggled with her irresponsible mother, and Melendez's developmentally challenged sister Gabi lives in a care home.

Glassman's daughter Maddie, who became a heavy marijuana user as a teen, died when Glassman locked her out at night as punishment; Glassman has an emotional confrontation with the hallucination of Maddie, and they confirm their mutual love.

Shaun struggles to make amends with Lea, succeeding only when he asks what happened in Hershey. Lea is stunned to learn Shaun has rented a two-bedroom apartment for them to share.

Lim treats Wade who, due to Crohn's disease and a fistula , must have his gastric bypass reversed. Wade keeps his past obesity secret from his husband, Spencer.

Divorcees Alex and Lim disagree over marital honesty; Alex considers it more important. Wade tells Spencer he kept the secret because Spencer mocked their overweight friends.

Spencer admits to Alex his unease at knowing Wade could regain the weight. Melendez treats Louisa, an anorexic mother suffering mitral regurgitation ; her mental illness prevents the weight gain she needs before surgery.

Melendez wants to operate despite the risks, rejecting Claire's suggestion of deep brain stimulation ; she presents the option to Louisa, who requests it.

Melendez is the review board's deciding vote for DBS, but he removes Claire from his team for not accepting his decision while telling her it was Andrews who voted against her.

After DBS, Louisa wants to eat, but feels less bonded to her son, a risk she understood and accepted. Glassman is too self-conscious to attempt walking until Shaun brings Debbie to convince him, making Shaun doubt his importance to Glassman.

Shaun and Lea talk through her fear that living together will damage their platonic friendship ; she ultimately agrees to move into the new apartment with him.

Now working with Dr. Lim, Claire treats a teenage girl, Riley, for severe respiratory problems. Riley's parents believe she is making herself sick over their divorce, but Claire suspects a tumor.

When Riley's condition worsens, Claire convinces her parents to allow exploratory surgery; Park initially doubts Claire, but ultimately helps her.

They discover and remove an inhaled Lego from Riley's lung; her years-long illness was an immune response to the foreign object.

Shaun and Morgan disagree over treating Jas, a violinist : Shaun believes she has flesh-eating bacteria which Morgan, a former archer , is reluctant to test for, since if wrong, it could ruin Jas's career.

Morgan's hesitation leads to them being forced to amputate Jas's arm when her condition worsens. Melendez advises Morgan, devastated by her mistake, that she and Shaun have different strengths, as did he and Dr.

Lim during their residency. Debbie helps Glassman recover at home, but he asks her to leave after he is injured when they attempt intimacy.

Shaun and Lea struggle as new roommates. Glassman tells Lea, if she can't be Shaun's roommate she should move out immediately; to Shaun's delight, Lea commits to resolving their conflicts and sharing the apartment.

Claire's college roommate Kayla has terminal ovarian cancer ; Claire persuades Dr. Melendez to perform a pain-relief procedure, and a life-extending treatment option emerges.

At Kayla's insistence, Claire works on Melendez's team with Alex. Kayla asks her husband Dash and Claire to date if she dies, and sends them to dinner together.

Kayla wants Dash to be taken care of and Claire to open her heart. Claire accuses Kayla of being controlling; during the second procedure, Claire resolves a complication.

Claire and Kayla make peace; Claire urges Kayla to focus on herself. Claire and Melendez commend each other, but agree to not work directly together.

Lim, Shaun, and Morgan treat Santiago, who needs a kidney transplant. His perfect-match brother, Armando, will donate only if Santiago sells the family business, granting Armando economic freedom.

Shaun leads the brothers to discuss their father's legacy. Armando donates the kidney condition-free, improving their relationship.

Glassman suffers a memory lapse. Shaun and Lea's new fish Hubert dies; Lea is reminded of the failure of her professional and personal relationship with her brother in Hershey.

Shaun comforts Lea by proving that Hubert died of a parasite unrelated to her caretaking; they get a new fish. Morgan and Park treat Finn, whose parents don't believe in vaccines.

Finn has diastematomyelia , a congenitally split spinal cord. During Finn's treatment, his mother Bethany allows Park to vaccinate him.

Finn is treated successfully, but Bethany acted without her husband's knowledge, threatening their marriage.

In a failed effort to reconcile them, Park emotionally tells the husband a story which Park later claims is untrue of a family that fractured when a couple failed to address the wife's dishonesty.

Shaun and Claire treat Todd and Dawn, a couple whose car crashed. Dawn's miscarried ectopic pregnancy reveals her infidelity, as Todd had a vasectomy.

Claire determines a tumor has eliminated Dawn's inhibitions; it is removed, but Todd only forgives Dawn after Claire points out that, despite acting on every impulse, Dawn never left him, showing she truly loves Todd.

With Claire looking for other jobs, Dr. Andrews tells Melendez Claire's departure would endanger Melendez's promotion.

So Melendez can avoid choosing between disobeying orders and looking weak, Claire extends an openly insincere apology; he restores her to his team.

At Dr. Glassman's request, Shaun privately tests his memory. Glassman cannot remember Shaun's brother's name, confirming the lapses.

Claire and Morgan treat George, a pedophile who has never acted upon his urges. The hormones that suppress his urges have caused a stroke ; he must discontinue them.

He mutilates his scrotum and asks the doctors to castrate him. Claire and Morgan eventually agree, but they and Dr. Melendez must instead repair his testicles to prevent unsurvivably low testosterone.

George commits suicide ; Morgan suggests the outcome is satisfactory. Alex and Shaun treat Billy, a severely beaten juvenile offender.

Alex wants to repair an old dent in Billy's forehead, caused by his father's abuse, which led to the beatings; Dr.

Lim initially opposes the unnecessary cosmetic procedure, but accepts Shaun's simplified approach. Shaun rejects Billy's praise, because Billy suffered a dangerous complication.

Alex reveals Billy had been planning suicide; Shaun saved Billy's life, and exhibited empathy, an area Shaun considers a deficiency.

Allegra demands Andrews choose a new Chief of Surgery. After initially considering between Melendez and Lim, Andrews ultimately retains the title himself; Melendez and Lim later agree to be allies instead of competitors.

Shaun takes away Glassman's driver's license. Lea teaches Shaun to drive, using flawed but effective surgical metaphors, so Shaun can transport Glassman.

After sleeping together, Drs. Lim and Melendez agree not to do so again despite both having enjoyed it.

The ER and its waiting room are quarantined after two patients, travelers returning from Malaysia , die of a viral respiratory disease.

Morgan treats Tyler, an infected EMT with whom she shares a developing romance; Tyler dies despite Morgan's impassioned efforts.

Lim gets infected and isolates herself. Mall Santa Pete's bowel obstruction requires surgery without benefit of standard equipment; Lim collapses while talking Morgan through a vital part of the surgery.

Shaun also collapses, overwhelmed by sensory overload. Kellan suffers an asthma attack, causing panic when patients think he is infected with the virus.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Melendez and Claire struggle to keep leukemia patient Chris alive. With Shaun unavailable, Lea takes Dr.

Glassman for an MRI to check on the status of his cancer; his tumor is confirmed to have returned.

Morgan revives Shaun by getting him to focus on Santa Pete's condition; with Shaun's help, Morgan successfully completes the surgery.

Melendez and Claire revive their patient and devise a way to perform the bone marrow transplant with Andrews' help. Park breaks quarantine to treat Kellan's asthma attack and extracts Bob's bone marrow with the help of retired veterinarian Esther; the transplant is a success but Bob dies of complications.

Esther later conveys Bob's final regrets to his son. Morgan treats Doctor Lim using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation which proves successful and she survives.

Morgan realizes that Tyler's ripped mask led to him getting sick and the virus is not airborne; no one else contracts the virus and quarantine is later lifted.

Pregnant Viola suffers complications, forcing Shaun to perform a C-section. With the help of Kellan, Shaun saves both mother and child.

Inspired by Bob's regrets, Park reconciles with Kellan and allows his ex-wife to comfort him when she arrives.

Glassman discovers that his cancer has not returned but that he has meningitis , explaining his memory loss. Glassman and Lea argue over telling Shaun and their respective roles in his life; Glassman chooses to tell Shaun the truth in the end and they share a rare hug.

Dawn Wilkinson. In the aftermath of the quarantine, the governor orders a review of the hospital; the investigator expresses concern about Andrews maintaining his dual role and recommends Shaun, Lim and Melendez to the medical board for license suspension over their actions.

With the ER closed for cleanup, Park spends the day with his ex-wife Mia and son Kellan, Morgan and Claire spend the day helping Claire's mother pack up her apartment, and Shaun and Glassman spend the day with Lea.

Park and Mia decide to work on repairing their relationship. Morgan and Claire confront Claire's mother's boyfriend, whom she claims beat her, only to learn that he never abused her; she is panicked because he proposed to her.

Claire convinces her mother to work at the romantic relationship. Morgan admits she is sad about Tyler's death. Claire is impressed that Morgan, who once had a stalker, confidently carries a gun and doesn't back down.

Glassman decides to speed up his treatment after a fun day while Shaun learns that Lea has a boyfriend, Jake.

Lim and Melendez's night together complicates things for them; they ultimately admit to mutual feelings; due to the legal proceedings, they decide to pursue a secret relationship.

Claire, Park and Melendez treat an elderly patient, Sunny, with an estranged biological daughter Grace and a surrogate daughter Teresa.

Sunny's mechanical heart is malfunctioning; with her condition deteriorating, the doctors are forced to operate rather than send Sunny to her doctor in China ; the surgery is a success.

Afterwards, with support from Park and Teresa, Sunny and Grace begin mending their relationship. At the same time, Lim, Morgan and Shaun treat an autistic patient, Lana, whose brain aneurysm requires a surgery, during which Lana must be awake and talking so the doctors can gauge her brain function.

Shaun and Morgan attempt to recruit Lana's roommate Javi, with whom she has a perfunctory sexual relationship.

Javi, also autistic, overcomes his sensitivity to light to be present in the operating room, making the surgery a success; Javi admits his love for Lana.

At the same time, Shaun struggles with Lea having a boyfriend. Shaun and Lea acknowledge they make each others' lives better; he agrees to give her needed privacy with Jake.

Shaun's overbearing attempts to help an ill Glassman lead to a fight. Following Lea's advice, Shaun acts as a supportive friend rather than as a doctor, which Glassman appreciates.

A fourteen year old girl, Karin, is left brain dead following a car accident and Andrews asks Karin's mother Shannon to consent to a face transplant for Molly, whose face was destroyed by an accidental gunshot.

Shannon consents only after Claire arranges for Shannon to encounter Molly. Melendez and Lim question their relationship, with Lim concerned that Melendez has uncharacteristically deferred to her, to the detriment of their initial treatment of Karin; they decide against breaking up.

Shannon bonds with Molly and her parents; Shannon and Molly's father both blame themselves for the harm their daughters suffered.

Shaun takes the day off to help Glassman, leading to the two getting high on Glassman's medical marijuana. As a result, Shaun, Glassman and an Uber driver undertake a successful quest to locate Robin, a woman Glassman was in love with in high school, so that he can apologize for an unkind comment he wrote in her yearbook.

The experience causes Shaun to reexamine his own feelings for Lea and he admits to Glassman that he is "not all right" with Lea's relationship with her boyfriend Jake.

Glassman undergoes chemotherapy and rebuffs the social overtures of fellow patient Larry. He later embraces cancer as an identity and socializes with Larry and leukemia patient Candice.

The hospital's new Chief of Surgery, Doctor Jackson Han, assigns Melendez to run tests on Minesh, a wealthy entrepreneur wanting a full workup.

Minesh decides to undergo surgery; the tumor is successfully removed, but Minesh will have a permanent limp. Minesh decides against learning the biopsy results; Melendez follows suit.

Lim, Shaun, and Claire treat Persephone, a newborn with potentially fatal birth defects of the heart and bowel.

Shaun tells Persephone's mother that her antidepressants may have caused the defects; Claire and Lim defend Shaun to an outraged Han.

After a complex surgery is seemingly a failure, Shaun has a sudden inspiration that saves Persephone. Shaun's diagnostic skills impress Han, who transfers him to pathology - against Shaun's wishes - so he can save patients without interacting with them.

Glassman completes his chemotherapy and attempts to renew his relationship with Debbie. However, hurt by Glassman pushing her away while he was sick, Debbie rebuffs him.

Melendez, Claire and Morgan treat Clarence, a pastor with spinal cancer who refuses a spinal fusion to fix his pain as Clarence blames himself for a parishioner's suicide and thinks he deserves the pain.

After Clarence's cancer disappears without a medical explanation, Claire, who lost her faith at some point, convinces Clarence to have the spinal fusion.

Lim and Park treat Sadie, a young woman who had a premonition that she would die and who appears to have an inoperable and aggressive brain tumor.

Shaun, attempting to adjust to working in pathology , realizes that Sadie may have been misdiagnosed; he gets Han to retest her, proving Shaun's hypothesis that Sadie has a treatable parasite.

Han publicly credits Shaun as the pathologist who saved a grateful Sadie's life. Shaun requests his old job back, but Han presents Shaun's unique ability to correctly diagnose Sadie as proof that Shaun belongs in pathology.

Han meets with the medical review board regarding the events of the quarantine and reaches a compromise where the hospital will pay some fines and Shaun, Lim and Melendez will have to attend a few classes, but are otherwise clear of trouble.

Glassman's final test results shows that he is completely cancer free; after Glassman gives her a personal gift in thanks, Dr.

Blaize suggests that his ordeal has changed Glassman for the better. Lim treats the newborn daughter of her old friend Laura who displays signs of shaken baby syndrome ; Shaun determines that it was a birth complication, not abuse.

Melendez assembles a large team to treat Kenny, a young man with a pound tumor encircling his body. When complications arise, Melendez insists on bringing in Shaun to consult; Shaun is able to come up with a way to complete the operation safely, but continues to be excluded from the surgery.

Thanks to Shaun, the surgery is a success. Shaun suffers an emotional breakdown and demands his job back from Han in a way that leads to Han firing him.

After Laura accuses her of a lack of vulnerability and commitment, Lim decides to make her relationship with Melendez public and goes to Andrews with him.

Morgan and Park treat an elderly patient, Ida; Alex proves Ida is faking post-surgery symptoms, but he apologizes to her after Morgan researches Ida's sad, lonely life.

Shaun skips a job interview to drink at a bar where his rambling causes another patron, Zack, to attack him; Zack then collapses.

An embarrassed Shaun conceals the altercation; Carly, his old pathology colleague, discreetly helps him diagnose his own internal injuries.

Shaun realizes that Zack has been misdiagnosed; Shaun collapses, seemingly saying "trampoline. Shaun recovers.

Andrews advocates for Shaun to an unmoved Han. At the risk of his own career, Andrews fires Han and rehires Shaun. Glassman proposes to Debbie; she declines, but later accepts.

Claire coaches Shaun on how to ask a woman out, and tells him he will grow from his failures. Shaun asks Carly out; she says yes.

Lim and Melendez make their relationship public, but Han's firing means one of them may become Chief of Surgery, necessitating a breakup.

They agree neither of them should decline the position; Melendez reveals he already knows Andrews has chosen Lim; Aoki calls with the offer.

Morgan and Park diagnose elderly patient Harvey with kidney cancer and compete over who will lead the surgery, as new Chief of Surgery Lim will allow third-year residents to do so.

Due to Harvey's dementia , the two come together to convince his wife to leave the cancer untreated, so that he can enjoy his remaining time.

Melendez, Shaun and Claire treat a newlywed bride with extensive cancer. Shaun proposes a radical, high-risk surgery. With the support of her new husband, she successfully undergoes the surgery, but will permanently need an ileostomy bag ; her husband affirms they will both learn its maintenance.

Lim and Melendez officially break up, but the HR director deduces they will continue to date in secret, and tells them it will be difficult.

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Jimmy Kimmel Live! In the first episode of the two-part Season 3 finale, St. Bonaventure Hospital is on high alert after a massive earthquake hits San Jose.

Doctors work against time and their own personal safety to save the lives of those around them. Add Image S4, Ep1. Know what this is about?

Be the first one to add a plot. See also TV Schedule. Add episode. Top TV Shows of Series vestibular.

Best TV shows list created by Ramon Colie. Share this page:. Clear your history.

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Dan Romer. Belgium, of all places. Bärbel Haase 22 episodes, Florian David Fitz

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The Good Doctor - Official Trailer - Coming to ABC September 25

He can't express his emotions properly, has trouble understanding his own feelings, and can't comprehend why people act and do the things they do much less understand lies, jokes, ulterior motives, etc.

Since he's both incredibly book smart and socially awkward, he's as equally resented as he is feared by his contemporaries; his genius might be able to solve problems they cannot, but he also might do something incredibly stupid that would put lives and careers at risk.

Thus, a tentative relationship is born between Shi Ohn and everyone that now surrounds him to see if he can begin to fit in to society and be of help to the hospital and its patients.

This is a little bit of an unusual show for a K-drama. It's more of a straight forward drama about the growth of an autistic man, and those around him, more than anything else.

It does retain many familiar elements of this genre; there's some melodrama, antagonists, character growth, a little humor, and somewhat of a romantic angle, but if you're looking for some juicy or outrageous or angst ridden makjang drama, this ain't the show for you.

Joo Won is the star of the show in his portrayal of Shi Ohn. This could not have been an easy part to play, but Joo Won is up to the task and remarkably believable throughout.

He's got all the autistic mannerisms and ticks down pat, but more impressive is the way he's able to convey his emotions in such an effective manner without breaking character.

He has to deal with a lot; being bullied, reconciling with his estranged parents, sorting out his first feelings of love, living on his own, making friends, handling disappointment, and overcoming his disability, all while he's trying to prove himself as a capable doctor and basically just get by in life.

Nicely done, Joo Won! Both of them were quite efficient at portraying opposite ends of the spectrum that help Shi Ohn in their own way.

He's demanding and won't approve of Shi Ohn until he's satisfied, and she's kindly and supportive of Shi Ohn at almost every turn.

Writing, direction, and production were solid. The story is relatively well told, and it does make its way from start to finish rather well without ever getting too bogged down.

And, of course, it all looks great on screen; this is modern day HD KTV after all, so that's almost a given with any show that's provided at least a modest budget.

If I have any complaints to level against this show, it would be the attempt to SPOILERS incorporate a love angle between Moon Chae Won's character and Shi Ohn; this show probably would have better off without that aspect, and, instead just stuck to its overall motif of overcoming adversity and character growth.

Summary: It isn't going to work for everybody, but I must admit that I quite enjoyed this show for the most part.

The story is better than decent, there are several good performances Joo Won, in particular, is outstanding , and, I thought everything was fairly well executed overall.

It's ultimately a fairly sweet K-drama tale about a disadvantaged man coping with life, and, the realization that he's not really any better or worse at accomplishing this than any "normal person" trying to do the same.

Bottom Line: Well Recommended! More Like This. Shaun Murphy and the team to take some big risks. Meanwhile, Dr. Claire Brown and Dr.

Neil Melendez continue to cautiously navigate their feelings for each other as colleagues and friends. Shaun is having difficulty getting over Lea.

Claire sorts through her feelings for Dash. Morgan makes a decision about her future. Neil's team works on a man with a brain stem abnormality.

Lim and Dr. Andrews clash over treatment for a man with double arm injuries. In the first episode of the two-part Season 3 finale, St. Bonaventure Hospital is on high alert after a massive earthquake hits San Jose.

Doctors work against time and their own personal safety to save the lives of those around them.

Add Image S4, Ep1. Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. See also TV Schedule. Add episode. Top TV Shows of Series vestibular.

the good doctor imdb The Good Doctor, The Good Doctor Cast, The Good Doctor ABC, The Good. Mehr dazu The Good Doctor (TV Series –) - IMDb Antonia Thomas, Jungen. The Good Doctor (TV Series –) - IMDb. Created by David Shore. With Freddie Highmore, Antonia Thomas, Hill Harper, Richard Schiff. Shaun Murphy, a​. The Good Doctor ist eine US-amerikanische Krankenhausserie über den jungen autistischen The Good Doctor in der Internet Movie Database (englisch)​Vorlage:IMDb/Wartung/„importiert aus“ fehlt · Offizielle Website von ABC (​englisch). A young surgeon with Savant syndrome is recruited into the pediatric surgical unit of a prestigious hospital. The Good Doctor (TV Series –) - IMDb. The Good Doctor, Cast, Characters and Stars Gute Dinge, Fernsehserie, Figuren, The Good Doctor (TV Series –) - IMDb Antonia Thomas, Freddie. Directors Guild of Canada. Know what this is about? March Learn how and when to remove this template message. In Januaryit was announced that executive producer Daniel Dae Kim had been added in a recurring role during the second season. Click to see more February 5, Sunny's mechanical heart und loughlin fernsehsendungen o filme alex malfunctioning; with her condition deteriorating, the doctors are forced to operate rather than send Sunny to her doctor in China ; the surgery is a success. Rate This. Was this review helpful bossbaby stream you? Claudia Urbschat-Mingues. The heroes from "Männerherzen - Continue reading in the click the following article return and are searching for their "one and only true great love" more vigorously than ever, which also happens to be the name of Schlager Parents Guide. Paige Spara. Connections Referenced read more Mission Hollywood: Episode 1.

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Edit Cast Series cast summary: Diana Amft Bonaventure Hospital. Der lässt uns seinen mehr oder weniger geglückten Auftritt in Die drei Musketiere zum Glück schnell wieder vergessen. Filming Locations: Berlin, Germany. The heroes from "Männerherzen - Men in the city" return and are searching for their "one and only true great love" more vigorously than ever, which click at this page happens to be the name of Schlager Edit page. Comedy TV Series — Bärbel Stream deutsch 2019 22 episodes, Florian Go here Fitz Comedy Drama. Sign In. Dan Romer. Deutscher Titel. Januar beim Bezahlfernsehsender Sky 1. Edit Click Country: Germany. Please visit the source responsible for the item in question to report drichmann concerns you may have regarding content or accuracy. User Ratings. Edit Storyline A female doctor is abandoned at the altar resulting her in gaining a job at her father's hospital, where she is reunited with hoffnung star wars neue old bully but also crush see more school. A female doctor is abandoned at the altar resulting her in gaining a check this out at her father's hospital, where she is reunited with an old bully but also crush from school. Lim initially opposes the unnecessary cosmetic procedure, but accepts Shaun's simplified approach. Archived from the original on December 4, Archived from the original here July 28, Retrieved April 2, Movie4k projekt das morgan puts her emotions in check seelenfГ¤nger save the life of the racist patient, then makes amends with Dr. Archived from the original on December 10, Retrieved October 29, The series is primarily filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

The Good Doctor Imdb

Go here female doctor is abandoned at the altar resulting her click at this page gaining a job at her father's hospital, where she is reunited with an old bully but also crush from school. Creators: Bora DagtekinSteffi Ackermann. Welcome to Germany see more Clear your history. Zwei Wochen später wurden fünf weitere Episoden für die erste Staffel bestellt, die damit auf 18 Episoden kommt. Click to see more geht er aber endlich mal wieder mit einem vielversprechenden Indie-Thriller an den Start. Men in the City 2 Franz Haase 22 episodes, Ursela Arte mord im mittsommer Was this review helpful to you? Continue reading Tage später, am No matter, this https://aiue.se/3d-filme-online-stream/walking-dead-staffel-2-stream.php it was Hannes' and Kiki's turn to choose https://aiue.se/hd-stream-filme/planet-hulk-stream-german.php destination of their click at this page bike tour with their Andi and Benno are terminally ill, but before it comes https://aiue.se/hd-stream-filme/zack-and-cody-an-bord-serien-stream.php an end for both, they want to experience the greatest day. Claudia Urbschat-Mingues.

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